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Things We Need

Timbers for raised garden bed
Dirt for garden beds
Edging to outline the flower beds
Solar airator for the frog pond
Mulch for walk way
Wood sealant for benches
Stones for picnic area
Trash cans
 The Garden
 Kids Activities
For Spring Break
Cardboard egg cartons
Plastic easter eggs
Tissue paper
Wooden spring clothes line clips
Poster Paints
Paint brushes
Heavy table cloths for craft project
Monetary Donations are always needed for things that are not donated. We are working on grants to help with the monetary part but they take time and timing. Fund raisers are also in the future too. There is a donate button on every page and if we had 100 donations at 10 or even 5 dollars would help in those situations. Thanks for looking at our wish list and helping where ever you can! 
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