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More About Us

 CT Gardens is a 501(c)3 non profit organization started in February 2017. Our goal is to build and maintain butterfly garden parks through out McHenry county. Our first garden should be open this spring in the Wonder Lake area.

This garden will host activities for children and adults of all ages!

The gardens will be planted by any child who would like to be involved. Those that do plant in the garden will be given their own section to plant in and then a butterfly kit will given to them so that they can take it home, watch the miracle of the larvae turn to caterpillar then to butterflies. Once the butterflies are hatched, they will bring them back to be released into the garden to enjoy the flowers and plants that were planted for them. We will not charge any child to participate...all are welcome.


Some of the sights you will see at the garden in Wonder Lake is a natural frog pond, a walking path in the shape of a butterfly. Split log benches will be available if you would like to just sit and enjoy the nature and picnic table if you would like to have lunch in our garden!

A Fairy Kingdom will be created for the kids to see the fairies that live in the garden! With luck the sunflowers will grow tall enough so we can create a sunflower hut. A wishing well and a blooming clock are also on our list to see.


This garden will host activities for children of all ages:

Butterfly release,

Yoga in the garden (sessions for kids and adults!) If the weather permits!~

An Easter egg hunt.

We even will have a few activities during the fall and winter. 

But not all the fun is in the garden...We do participate in parades in the area and we invite the kids to participate with us in the parades and/or on the floats we build. Last year they were dressed as life size butterflies, wings and all!

We will be partnering with other programs and businesses to hopefully put as many gardens throughout McHenry County as possible.

With that said...Please check out our WE NEED page. Monetary donations are always at the top because no matter how hard we try some things do cost money. We are looking at grants but those do take time and timing to get. But there is always items we need to do the crafts that the kids will be doing throughout the year. So if there is anything you can help with to make this wonderful creation and journey happen please do so!

Thank You!

Cyndi Foglio

"The Butterfly Lady"

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