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IS Spring Really Hear?!?!

It has been a whirlwind ride joining the McHenry Chamber, in a great way! The people we have met and become involved with are all working on worthy causes! Operation Wild Horse works with veterans working with horses! Youth and Family services works with any child or adult who needs help! We have also joined festival committees and fund raiser committees...anything where kids might be involved. We are also going to be teaming up with different people to create butterfly gardens at their place of business or homes! It is amazing to see the community come together on so many different issues. I am very proud that we joined the Chamber! Just to let you know we are looking at 3 parades this year! Along with other things we have planned in the garden! Looks like spring MIGHT come early...our first renovation will be the frog pond...last year 2 dozens frogs lived in our little pond so now we want to expand it and give them some more room! Hopefully the benches and picnic table will be next! Watch our garden grow!

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